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The kids are all grown up. PNA is committed to understanding the rapidly changing landscape of America. By 2020, about 95 million, or more than one out of every three voting age Americans, will be members of the Millennial generation. The emergence of the largest and most diverse generation in US history offers our clients an important opportunity to shape the future that cannot be ignored.

Project New America has conducted an extensive review of existing research on media consumption, drawing from leading think tanks, marketing and commercial research firms, Internet tracking companies, private research groups, and technology and Internet companies in an effort to provide our subscribers a roadmap with which to navigate a sometimes-confusing and ever-changing media and technology environment. Understanding where things stand in 2013 will enable the progressive community to begin asking the right kind of questions as it looks to 2014, 2016, and beyond.

PNA recently partnered with Breakthrough Strategies & Solutions to complete a comprehensive strategic playbook aimed at fomenting public discussion around climate change and environmental issues. Based on a large national poll, as well as recently-conducted research in the public sphere, the playbook illustrates how to incorporate the values of responsibility, patriotism and accountability into conversations about climate disruption as a way to connect the moral imperative of climat change to the American public. The playbook has been covered in national media outlets like Grist and the Huffington Post.

Voters in Arkansas, Illinois, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Ohio are more likely to vote for their US Senator if their Senator votes in favor of requiring background checks at gun shows, according to comprehensive new polls from Project New America (PNA).

This data shows there is also a break between GOP voters and the party’s political leadership on this issue. In all seven states, majorities of GOP voters favor background checks. And background checks are supported by voters who view the NRA favorably in every state. “We’ve seen strong nationwide numbers on background checks for years. This data shows that in key Senate swing states, voters overwhelmingly support expanding background checks,” said PNA President Jill Hanauer. "We are seeing Washington DC finally catching up with the American public on the issue of background checks."

This body of knowledge builds upon Project New America's years of in-depth Hispanic research by looking at the nationwide Hispanic population for unique attitudes and demographic characteristics, particularly in emerging areas. The research investigates core issue priorities among Hispanic voters, including socio-economic background, family country of origin, generational length of residence in the U.S., gender, age, and religion. The project also allows us to understand media habits, communication usage, and language preferences among different audiences. Additionally, PNA has developed first-of-their-kind Hispanic voter issue models that allow users to identify and communicate with individual voters based on four different issue models.

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May 22, 2014| WAMC

By Jim Levulis

A recent national poll looked at how young people will affect the midterm elections.

Pollster Harstad Strategic Research used a diverse sampling of more than 2,000 registered and nonregistered voters 18 to 30 years old.

May 22, 2014| Huffington Post

Jill Hanauer

Co-authored by Paul Harstad and Michael Kulisheck of Harstad Strategic Research and Alexandra Acker-Lyons of the Youth Engagement Fund.

Every generation experiences fundamental shifts, culturally, politically and socially from its predecessors.

May 15, 2014| The Hill

One in 4 young adults definitely plans to vote in the midterm elections, according to a new survey that highlights the drop-off in the youth vote during non-presidential years.

Twenty-eight percent of people aged 18–31 said they would definitely vote in the 2014 midterm

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