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Hispanic Research

Since our inception, PNA has been a national leader in understanding the diverse public opinion and cultural landscape of the Hispanic community.  Beginning with our work in the intermountain West, PNA has used innovative research techniques to accomplish a variety of different goals for subscribers and clients, amassing a rich body of research along the way.

Since 2007, our experience includes:

  • Over 30,000 bilingual interviews 
  • Over 30 Hispanic focus groups and in-depth ethnographic studies
  • Over 30 Hispanic polls in a dozen states and numerous national projects
  • Nationwide Hispanic voter micro-targeting analysis

One of our guiding principles is that the Hispanic community is not monolithic, and effectively communicating with increasingly important Latino voters requires recognition of the many nuances that exist within the community. To that end, our state and national research has largely focused on micro-trends within the Hispanic community, identifying variations based on factors such as age, language preference and usage, number of generations one’s family has been in the U.S., country of origin, as well as many other key demographic and attitudinal distinctions.

Our Hispanic research is used by civic engagement groups in voter registration efforts, as well as independent political groups and party organizations in sophisticated persuasion campaigns. One of the most effective uses of PNA Hispanic research came in 2010 in Nevada, where our research was instrumental in mobilizing Hispanic voters during the hard-fought Senate election between Harry Reid and Sharron Angle.  Senator Reid has since said high turnout among Hispanic voters in 2010 were essential to his victory in that election.

Along the way, PNA has pioneered innovative new methods for gauging public opinion in a community where traditional methods have sometimes proven ineffective and inaccurate.  We’ve conducted ethnographic focus groups in peoples’ living rooms, for example, to ensure comfortable surroundings and more open answers to questions.  We’ve also helped pioneer innovative new methods for bilingual polling, and online interviews.

In 2012, PNA released first-of-their kind Hispanic microtargeting models, which allow political and civic engagement organizations to target and build tailored communications, mail, phone and canvass programs for individual voters within any state or district. The models build on 6,000 interviews with Hispanic voters to predict which specific voters will respond to different key issues.

Additionally in 2012, we’ve expanded our expertise in the area of Hispanic attitudes toward conservation and the environment, conducting a multi-phase national project.

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