What We Do

Project New America (PNA) is a private company that provides candidates, advocacy organizations, and civic engagement stakeholders the tools and strategies to understand and communicate with a rapidly changing America.

PNA develops, aggregates, and disseminates strategies that empower progressives to achieve their research and communications goals. We’re not a traditional polling firm, though we do employ them as part of our methodology. And while we’re also not typical campaign consultants, our data and analyses come with actionable issue-specific recommendations for our clients.


Our Model

Through an Internet-based subscription model that offers continuous access to an evolving body of information, PNA’s clients can utilize our proprietary, demographic-based research to determine not merely the existing opinions of the electorate, but the language and tonality across a range of issues that is most likely to reach specific targeted subgroups.

With the emergence of new, ground-breaking research tools and interpretive models, we believe the power of information to influence the result of elections is greater than ever. PNA is designed to facilitate our clients’ use of information and serve as a strategic hub that overcomes the silos, redundancies, and contradictory efforts that often prevent stakeholders from building on each other's work – or, worse, have them working at cross purposes. This helps our clients develop a common knowledge base and a collective memory of what works and why. It also allows research to be leveraged for multiple purposes, across different electoral and civic engagement efforts.

Our Network

Project New America’s subscriber and client network is comprised of leading Progressive institutions that are involved in engaging and mobilizing voters across the country. Our subscriber network includes organizations like American Bridge, America Votes, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC), the League of Conservation Voters, the National Education Association (NEA), ProgressNOW, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and Sierra Club, among many others.

In addition, scores of organizations have also commissioned work with us, including 9 to 5Climate Action NetworkNational Association of Working WomenNational Council of La Raza (NCLR), PICO National Network, and many others.

Our Research

Since 2007, PNA has developed a library of strategic research and analysis with a core focus initially on the Intermountain West and now nationwide. Our research, message and strategic-planning services are used to conduct voter education, persuasion and mobilization programs, defeat/win ballot measures, move the progressive policy agenda of our subscribers, and shape the overall frame of the key issues of our time.

More than 300 research projects to date have led to hundreds of interpretive sessions by our panels of analytic strategists. These sessions insure that our subscribers receive as much benefit as possible both directly from the research and through the collaborative nature of our subscriber network and briefing process.

PNA has helped refine the hinge issues and the relevant vocabulary for reaching western voters and laid the groundwork for a generation of progressive growth.


Project New America